The Urban Heart

Visualize It






Picture if you will a young girl sitting on a Los Angeles bus coming home from school. She’s been bullied all day long and feels as though her life is worthless. Things are no better at home where she endures neglect and blows to her self-esteem. Meantime across town, a young boy sits on the lonely steps of his South Central home, wondering where his mother went. She’s been gone for a week and there’s no food left. Suddenly, the boy and girl remember the little book that someone gave them … The Urban Heart … As the boy runs into the house to get it, the girl on the bus reaches into her bag, and both begin to read. Janice Freeman’s work is therapeutic. It takes the boy and girl by the hand and leads them to a safer place. As they read Freeman's epic 'I Know What It's Like' the boy and girl feel their hearts being lifted above their current situations. Freeman’s voice gives young people several revelations … this is not forever … there is a way out … and we have a Savior who rescues us! Freeman writes with excruciating depth and goes places where most people never dare. With just a few, simplistic turn of words, her pages speak volumes and cause our hearts to tremble under the anointing. The Urban Heart makes it clear that Freeman has met her Redeemer.