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" Catching The Vision Of Someone Else's Dreams "

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Welcome To Catch The Change


The Mission

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I am proud to introduce to you Catch The Change. Catch The Change is a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit organization that caters to young girls from the ages 8-19. This organization is set up to mentor, inspire, cultivate and empowering the youth. We focus on helping to guide them at this critical age who not only want to be apart of a change but ones that struggle with insecurities, being victims of bullying, and who struggle with influences. This program also helps with career building, skill building, and building confidence. Workshops that changes lives. Instilling Hope and Building Character. I humbly ask for your support for our youth. For making a change "Catching The Vision of Someone Else's Dreams" Thank you for your support! Catch The Change

The mission is to inspire and cultivate the change needed to
positively affect the lives of youth educational, vocational and holistically. CTC
utilizes a holistic approach to enhance the academic and social development of
participants through educational support, mentoring and enrichment opportunities. CTC
collaborates with the community through various partnerships (ie, churches,
colleges/universities, hospitals, and police organizations, etc.).

Catch The Change vision is to conduct workshops to help the youth with self esteem issues, mental behavior, love, awareness, bullying, characteristics, life skills, arts, family, education, parenthood, social media, interactions, and conflicts. We believe that, know matter what the challenges are, they can get up and win.


Workshop Feedback

Low Self-Esteem

I personally would like to have the Program again because I think it did help me and it gave me encouragement it taught me a lot about valuing myself and to be appreciative of the things I have in my life. It also taught me that would never let someone negative influence me cause it's not good for myself. I really enjoyed coming to the workshop the last couple of days I know am going to remember what I learned here for the rest of my life.


I think the program was very beneficial. It really made me think about everything in my life. I learned to appreciate the things I have more. This was an eye opener for me.

Low Self-Esteem

  • This program has taught me self-worth and empowering myself.

  • I now know to lift myself up and stay positive.

  • In negative situations, I stay strong and move on

  • I don't allow myself to get mad because I love myself better than that.

Grounding Encouragement

I really like this workshop and every week I look forward to it. A lot of what we talk about in this class, I have already heard and even agree with, but coming to this class reinforces my positive image of myself and reinforces what I know to be true. I see this workshop as kind of a weekly,"grounding"class that brings me back into a loving state after everything the world throws at me.


Low Self-Esteem

The workshop has helped me build confidence and self-esteem. It has helped me stay positive about myself. It has helped me become a better person. It has help me grow as an individual.


This workshop helps me realize who I am and my worth. It help me think about situations I've been through and turned it around into a situation that can benefit me. The workshop reminds me that I am worthy and i love me better than that.


This workshop was beneficial in a lot of ways. Learning to write things down and to reflect back on them later in the future. It would be nice if the Workshop lasted longer and if occurred more than once a week. It would really help girls on campus
to get along with each other instead of disliking each other.


This workshop has helped me in the way I see myself and my future. I've learned that I shouldn't always accept and carry what people think or say about me. I'm going to be me, and I don't have to change for anyone. I shouldn't let other people's opinions effect me and my dreams.


My Professional Services


ABC Unified School District

During the Summer of 2016 and the Fall of 2017, Ms. Janice Freeman worked with two groups of girls to provide image and self-esteem sessions at Gahr High School. Ms. Freeman was observed by me and another staff member during these sessions and interacted with the students in a positive manner. During the summer sessions, the theme was "Summer Love: Loving You Workshop." There were four sessions during the summer with each week having a different topic for conversation. The topics were "It Starts with You," "You deserve to love you," "It just takes you," and "Treasure your heart." The feedback from the students in the summer was that they liked meeting each week and they liked interacting with Ms. Freeman. During the fall sessions, the theme was "I Love Me Better than That." There were six sessions during the fall with each week having a different topic for conversation. The topics were "I want my dreams back," "I want my peace back,"I want my strength back," "I want my self-esteem back," "I want my hope back," and "I want my joy back." The feedback from the students in the fall was again that they liked meeting each week and they enjoyed interacting with Ms. Freeman. Overall, our students enjoyed participating in the weekly sessions and it was a positive opportunity for our students to interact with one another and with Ms. Freeman. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Pio Pico Span School

I have worked closely with Ms. Janice for the past two years. I have observed her interactions with students, parents and faculty at both the elementary and secondary levels. She is kind, sincere, direct, and very helpful. Janice always goes that extra mile, whether it is with students, other parents, faculty or staff. She is committed regardless of the nature of her involvement. We have served together on the School Site Council and the Local Leadership Council. Our school is a large, urban, ethnically diverse kindergarten through eighth grade. We are grateful to have a person whose kind spirit and gentle nature as part of our educational family. Ms. Janice has boundless energy which is why she effectively navigate a large campus, making certain she is involved, in a timely manner, insuring parent representation on our campus. Her demeanor is always professional yet her sense of humor and warmth contribute to positive educational atmosphere, thus acting as a role model for many of our other parents and students as well. Ms. Janice is an asset to our community, and would be an asset to your program. I strongly recommend Ms. Janice. She is indeed a perfect candidate for the program. Please be assured that she is a strong, spiritually motivated leader for their future. If you have any questions regarding this letter of reference, please feel free to contact me

Girls and Boys Town Of Southern California

This certificate is in appreciation of Janice Freeman for outstanding participation, motivation, and achievement in our mission to change
the way America cares for her children and families. You are commended for tending to the moral and spiritual growth of our girls and cultivating personal accountability and social responsibility. Janice Freeman, thank you for making Price Family Campus a success.

Girls and Boys Town Of Southern California #2

This letter serves as verification that Janice has volunteered at our program for over a year. Our program, Girls and Boys Town of Southern California serves homeless and abused teenage youth in south central Los Angeles. Janice has been coming to our program about once a week and providing spiritual guidance and religious services to many of our young ladies. This has served many purposes, but most importantly, it has allowed many of our young ladies to form a new relationship with a higher power. The long-term effects of Janice's work cannot be measured. Even on a day-to-day basis, our youth heal due to having an appropriate role model and mentor to spend some time with. The youth overwhelmingly have positive feedback for Janice and her services. If you have any further questions, or would like any additional information, please feel free to contact me.